“When I first met you, you could see me but I couldn’t see you…”, the invisible woman recounts.
When We Meet Again is a wearable film and one-to-one performance, a bizarre sensuous experience featuring you, your invisible friend, a 3D soundtrack, an old forgotten dance, an ocean, a flavor and me.
Video filmed from a first person perspective is played on video goggles, replacing your point of view by that one of a performer in the screen. When you are prompted to look down upon your body, you see someone else’s. The brain is tricked into the illusion of being inside a new body and in a foreign space, through which you move and encounter mysterious invisible presences.
When We Meet Again is an outlandish voyage through meetings mediated by technology, blinded by vision, displaced by what you hear around you and you know it is not really there. The viewer is transported into a mixed world between the ambiguous physicality of the screen, the ghostly realm of a palpable invisible companion, the fiction that feels real and vice-versa.
With its live approach to screen-viewing, this piece is a reflection on how the mediation of audiovisual technology can shape human and social interactions and on the function (and de-function) of the body in our media inundated times.
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Devised and made by: Sam Pearson and Clara García Fraile
Music: Sam Pearson
Assistance and documentation: Chloe Ducharne
Total duration: 9 minutes
Media: Video played out of iPod into video-goggles and one-to-one live performance.


• Voarte / InShadow Festival, 4-8 December 2012 | Lisbon, Portugal
Fast Festival, 13-16 Sept 2012 | Terni, Italy
L1 Dance Fest, 20 & 21 Sept 2012 | Budapest, Hungary
Theatrical Reminiscences, 5-8 October 2012 | Krakow, Poland
Festival Teatro a Corte | July 2012, Torino, Italy
Festival Omissis | 28-30 June 2012, Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy
Macao Arts Fetival | 11-20 May 2012, Lou Kau Mansion, Macao
• Pavillion Dance | 25 Feb 2012, Bournemouth
• British Dance Edition | 3-4 Feb 2012 | Sadler's Wells & Laban Centre, London
• Temps d'Images | 11-14 Jan 2012, Dusseldorf
Les Rencontres du Court | 12-14 Jan 2012, TNT, Bordeaux, France
Cinedans | 1-4 Dec 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Biennial of European Young Artists | 7-8 Oct 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece
BAC Take Out at Summerhall | 21-27 Aug 2011, Edinburgh
inTACTO | 2-3 July 2011, Sala Amarika Aretoa | Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
The Lowry | 12 June 2011, Manchester, UK
Pulse Fringe Festival | 4 June 2011, Ipswitch, UK
Performanssi | 27 May 2011Turku, Finland
Spill National Platform | 23-24 April 2011, National Theatre Studio, London
The Arches , 8-9 April 2011, Glasgow,
ICIA | 6-7 April 2011, Bath
Nottdance | 25-26 Feb 2011, Nottingham
CineDans | 10-12 Dec 2010, De Balie, Amsterdam
Playspace | Contact Theatre | 4 Dec 2010, Manchester
InBetweenTime | Arnolfini | 3 Dec 2010, Bristol
UK Young Artists | QUAD & The Studio at Derby Theatre | 21-24 Oct 2010
Experimentica | Chapter | 16 Oct 2010, Cardiff
Forest Fringe | Shunt Lounge | 9-10 Oct 2010, London
2010, Derby
Ingràvid Festival de Cultura Contemporánea | Sept 2010, Figueres (Spain)
DANCE:FILM 10, Edinburgh Fringe | Aug 2010, Dance Base, Edinburgh
Forest Fringe | Aug 2010, The Forest Cafe, Edinburgh
Big Chill Festival | Aug 2010, Swap Meet,
One-on-One Festival | July 2010, Battersea Arts Centre, London
In-Presentable | June 2010, La Casa Encendida, Madrid
Brighton Festival | May 2010, The Basement, Brighton
moves10 | April 2010, The Bluecoat, Liverpool
What If... Festival | April 2010, Siobhan Davies Studios, London
National Review of Live Art (One Year On) | March 2010, The Arches, Glasgow

Work in Progress Shows:
Oct 09 - Supper Club - Fortunes of White Night, Brighton
Aug 09 - Testing Grounds, Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton
Sept 09 - The Basement, Brighton


Winner of the Arches Brick Award 2010
First Prize Young Artists Awards (Premios de Arte Joven, Junta de Castilla y León) for Performance, 2010
Total Theatre Award nominee

"A disorienting delight for stoner and philosopher alike" The Skinny
"An entirely different world view" The Guardian

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