the love stories donation desk
Conversational performance and installation

The Love Story Donation Desk is a pop-up office that collects true love stories from voluntary donors and transfers them to anyone who might need them for any reason - for example, persons who want to get married in order to obtain asylum or residency and work permits but who are not 'real couples', and therefore need to invent and perform a love story for the official validation interviews and other bureaucratic procedures they might have to undergo.

The donation process borrows the format of these official interviews that migration institutions perform in several EU countries (and beyond) when couples from different nationalities want to get married - chiefly when one of them is 'a foreigner'. In these conversations, performed in order to verify if a couple is 'a real couple', the same set of questions is posed to each of the lovers separately, their answers compared for resemblance and their story examined through a series of official criteria of what is legally accepted as a 'couple'. In this case, the interviews are undertaken with the volunteer audience/lovers/donors.

If a donated love story passes the test, it is archived by the Love Stories Donation Desk and made openly available for people who request it. The Love Stories Donation Desk hence provides applicants with verisimilar and law-fitting love stories, already checked through the filter of official criteria of 'coupledom' and coherence of the answers -

Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, October 2017
Antic Teatre, Barcelona, February 2018
Winters Binnen, Amsterdam, February 2018
DAS Theatre, MP Presentations, Amsterdam, June 2018
Art in Oost, QRU, Amsterdam, July 2018
Zurcher Theater Spektakel, August 2018

Clara García Fraile
Rodrigo Batista
Annefleur Schep

In collaboration with Pablo Sacristán

Photos by Giulia Passamonti and Thomas Lenden.

clara garcía fraile