dear dictator
*ongoing research
with Noé Oliva Rodríguez

Durational performance, 2017
With Noé Oliva Rodríguez, a friend

An agreement is made by which a friend and I will take decisions
for one another for a few hours every day. We also ask each other to decide on what we think will be the most important decisions to make in the coming month.

We make those decisions for each other in this non hierarchical, mutual, consented, unimposed and reversible arrangement - as if no other laws, rules or regulations existed, based on the mutual recognition, trust and care we have for each other.

Visitors to
Come Together (Frascati, Amsterdam, 2017) are invited to take decisions for each other in pairs for the duration of the evening.

the arrangement of pairs could also be transformed into a chain instead, so that I could take a decision for someone else, then that person for someone else, and so on and on.

- delegation of decisions agreement form for one evening
- delegation of most important decisions form for one month
- delegation of decisions request form

clara garcía fraile