I was born in Zamora (Spain) in 1984. In 2008 I graduated on Performance and Visual Art (Dance) in the University of Brighton, UK. There, I started working with Sam Pearson as Me and the Machine - you can find information about our works, shows and awards on www.meandthemachine.co.uk.

This collaboration lasted for five years of prolific multidisciplinary creation and international touring, after which I took four years back in Spain, dedicated mainly to antiauthoritarian social projects and political direct action.

In 2018 I graduated at DAS Master of Theatre in Amsterdam.

My work has been described as poetic terrorism, performative philosophy, political experiment or cute anarchism. From theatrical devices to screen works or love letters, its desire is elaborating new fugitive dramaturgies of complicity while disrupting authoritarian ways of relating to the living bodies, images and spaces around us.
clara garcía fraile